Hosted Files

Business Files as a Service, also known as Big Files as a Service, (BFaaS) refers to file sync and sharing services. File syncing and sharing services are file hosting services which allow users to create special folders on each of their computers or mobile devices, which the service then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder regardless of which device is used to view it. Files can also be easily shared with others (no matter the size) in a variety of different ways. StorVista provides Enterprise-Class BFaaS as a solution for many different scenarios.

By utilizing Citrix ShareFile, StorVista provides the only file sharing service built specifically for the business world.

Take advantage of unlimited storage space and reduce the need for expensive onsite storage devices. Eliminate your need for expensive and high maintenance File Servers.

Easily share your files in a variety of different methods, including email, without having to worry about security or file sizes.

Unlimited versioning of your files drastically reduces the risk data loss as opposed to traditional file systems and backup scenarios. Recover from frustrating ransomware easily and quickly.

Expand your disaster recovery plan, enable your mobile workforce, and easily access and share corporate files from any location in the world, from any device!

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